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Annual Leadership Conference

Monday, September 9th, 2019

Location: Hotel Le Royal

Conference Programme


6.00 p.m. : CEO's Welcoming and Introduction Word

6.15 p.m. : Leader of The Year Award

6.20 p.m. : Leader of The Year Speech - Princess Tessy

6.50 p.m. : Conference - Push Them High, But Back Them Up - Aabir Rhardane

7.30 p.m. : 2019 Program Results and Word from the Future Leader Ambassador

7.40 p.m. : Leaders Panel Discussion

8.00 p.m. : Networking Drink & Walking Dinner



The Academy's candidates: free of charge

External parties: Eur 74.99


External parties


Offsite Summer Workshop - 2nd Edition 

Saturday, August 10th, 2019

Saturday, August 17th, 2019

Location: Fondation Pescatore

Workshop Programme


9.00 a.m.  : CEO's Welcoming and Introduction Word 

9.15 a.m.  : Breakfast, Teams' Introductions and Workshop's Instructions

10.00 a.m.: Teams' Departures


12.00 a.m.: First Results' Assessment

14.00 a.m.: Teams' Arrivals & Brainstorming Session



The Academy's candidates: free of charge

External parties: Eur 54.99


External parties


Leadership Lecture

Thursday, February 21st, 2019

Location: Business College Henallux - Callemeyn Campus

Place du Lieutenant Callemeyn 11, Arlon, Belgium (30-minute drive from Kirchberg or City Center)

Conference Programme


6.00 p.m. : Welcoming Drink & Registration

6.30 p.m. : Conference 

   - Leadership: what is it?

   - Why is Leadership important from the first steps of a successful career?

   - Harvard Business Review: The Real Leadership Lessons from Steve Jobs

   - Values and Authenticity: A Winning Leadership Strategy

7.45 p.m. : Q&A session

8.00 p.m. : Networking Drink & Walking Dinner

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