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Wed, Jun 10
Zoom MasterClass
MasterClass - Build Strong Negotiation Strategies
[Certificate Included] Negotiation is important in our life and it is key to success. In this masterclass, you will learn the power of negotiation in transforming your life, as well as game-changing tactics to start negotiating at a higher level.
Wed, Jun 17
MasterClass - Invest During Covid-19 - Based on Warren Buffet's Strategies
[Certificate Included] Start building your way to become a millionaire today, join this Masterclass to learn how to invest like Warren Buffet, select important opportunities on the Stock Exchange, and make strategic investments during Covid-19, even with small amounts.
Wed, Jun 24
Zoom Conference
Leadership Conference - The Foundation To True Leadership
[Certificate Included] Our Best Sold Conference is back and you can join it from all over the world! Join us to discover the dimensions that make of someone a true leader and learn how you can apply this in your organisations and with your teams in order to create outstanding and lasting results.
Thu, Jun 25
Zoom MasterClass
MasterClass - Business Plan - Step-by-Step Guide
[Certificate Included] Thinking about starting a business? Put all the chances to succeed on your side and register to this Masterclass to learn how to write a perfect business plan, request a loan, pitch investors, or simply craft your strategy, with a step-by-step guide and a tailored template.
Wed, May 27
Zoom Conference
The Power of Artificial Intelligence in Leading Organisations
What is the power of Artificial Intelligence and why leaders must embrace it for their organisations?
Thu, May 14
Online Event on Zoom
Special Covid-19 - Leading in Times of Crisis
Covid-19 has disrupted entire ecosystems, business models and digital transformation. How has Samir Benmakhlouf, PhD managed to brilliantly lead the London Academy through these unprecedented times?
Wed, May 06
Online Event
Moroccan Success Stories
Join a panel of inspiring entrepreneurs and learn about them, their businesses and initiatives, and what success factors and habits made them succeed. Panel: Nezha Alaoui, Hamza Aboulfeth, Kenza Bennis, Sana Afouaiz, Aabir Rhardane, moderated by Achraf Doumar.
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