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Annual Leadership Conference 2019

On Sept. 9th, The Leadership Academy held the Annual Leadership Conference in Luxembourg at Hotel Le Royal 5*. In a beautiful ceremony, The Leadership Academy rewarded Tessy Antony de Nassau for her great work in global education. Tessy Antony de Nassau gave a moving speech, talking about her first Award from Luxembourg as well as her vision of Leadership, paying tribute to Late Grand Duke Jean and Kofi Annan.

The ceremony was followed by an inspiring and eye-opening conference, "Push Them High, But Back Them Up", by Aabir Rhardane, MBA who presented two dimensions that - in her opinion - help measure good leadership. The event welcomed lovely guests and brilliant professionals and candidates who shared great ideas and triggered powerful discussions with their questions. 

The ceremony ended with a networking drink, a group picture, and a private celebration dinner at Pomme Cannelle.

I very much enjoyed the conference and I went there with blind expectations. I enjoyed the speech of Aabir Rhardane on leadership, the comparisons she presented and gave a lot of insights for further reflections. It was an eye opening speech, making me realise that many of us are confronting with the same challenges and it’s the power of the bravest that will make a difference and shift change. The guest of the event Tessy Antony - de Nassau was an inspiring presence and an unique opportunity to listen to her thoughts on leadership and how we can trigger change in an environment where many spot the flaws signaling a need for new approach. Thank you for this great event and looking forward to next ones !

Senior Manager @ Deloitte

Ana Maria Nazare

Thank you so much Aabir for this inspiring conference. It was a great moment. You give us the opportunity to discover real leaders from all over the world.

Student in Banking & Asset Management @ HEC ULg

Benoit Dentz

Excellent initiative, brilliant speeches!! Thanks for making us part of it.

Advisory Management @ KPMG

Gevorg Tovmasyan, ACCA

Thank you very much for this beautiful and inspiring moment during this conference. I really appreciate your vision of the Leadership! 

Account Manager

Lydie Gwizdz

It was great to be part of the first summer workshop with GL4T and exchange thoughts about leadership. I hope to meet more young professionals in the future and build a genuine leadership culture.

Associate @ PwC Luxembourg

Valentin Lenz

GL4T came out with a new concept - building the leaders of the future. Great objective achieved through useful workshops and conferences. I hope that one day one of the candidates will set an example for the world.

TA Registration Officer @ BNP Paribas 

Maxime Nondonfaz

Winter Lecture 2019

On Feb. 21st, The Leadership Academy welcomed over 100 candidates, both students and working professionals, to its Winter Lecture. 

The lecture covered the topic of how do we understand leadership and what great leadership lessons Steve Jobs left for the world to explore. 

The lecture was followed by a networking drink.