Emotional Intelligence at its finest!

The human brain!

Nothing shouts complexity and miracles as much as our cerebral lobes being in a prominent central part of the nervous system of the human being. As a matter of fact, the way it functions could beat a whole lot of expectations as to whatever could be done with it. The brain is an engine that helps regulate our motions, reckon numerous things that we could come across in our daily lives, it also helps monitor and give limits to controlling our surroundings by starting up with ourselves first.

All of these points spoken about above, create an eminent matrix that leads to one state of mind that determines a leader from another. Now this may seem a bit odd, as to how this article started with a general overview on how does our brain function, and is now on a matrix introduction. But it eventually roams around the necessities that a leader needs in order to strap him or herself in a meticulous way, putting that leader in the spotlight of numerous qualities that determines and distinguishes them from others. In other words, self-recognition is to be taken as the base of it all. Making its debut with a bunch of accurate things that prove how self-aware is that person. Moreover, being endowed with emotional awareness, a high self-confidence, and an accurate self-assessment does eventually take one to reach a certain point of social awareness and self-management. Which therefore, are essential and primordial in their own ways, making it an assessed reality to exponentially develop a high leveled self-control, driven goals and achievements, prominent initiatives covered in an overwhelming transparency. All of these could be followed and supported by a highly effective orientation which helps the person; or in this case the individual with leadership skills; to be well organized in whatever he or she is or will be doing, with a particular sense of empathy. As a result, all of these developments will allow the individual him or herself to unlock a meticulous amount of qualities inquired such as learning how to efficiently develop others’ potentials and get them to finally discover some abilities that they never thought of themselves capable of doing. This influence helps enhance a special kind of bond between the leader and the people that either work with him or her, or even the ones that work for him or her. When bonds like these are created, the leader will obviously know how to complete the collaboration, and feel like the teamwork is viable and kicking off on excellent terms. In other words, the changes that will be brought up onto the team will generate a practical inspiration and attachment to both the leader, the workers between themselves, and an upcoming attachment to the job they do which will create a passion and devotion to each and every single thing they do. All of these results could be summarized on a two words collocation, which is none other than Relationship Management. This is to be overseen as a social regulation that resulted from the initiation of a highly effective self-recognition and awareness.

To find a leader endowed with these linked potentials, means that we can easily find a person who reckons his or her emotions, then has a really accurate way of managing his or her feelings, which will motivate that person to always thrive for the better outcomes to be made and done. Then this will generate; as mentioned before; a sense recognition and understanding of other people’s emotions and sensations, resulting to a general management of people’s relationships and emotions.

All of these points could be critically overviewed as a desire for control and feeling of superiority, making one only see what is beneficial for that individual who will be exercising a kind of a basic one on one relationship management, in order to put the terms that he or she wants on the table, and make it clear that things should go and follow one and only way. But to be honest, those ideologies are to be classified in the pessimistic side of things. Meaning that it is just one way off making things worse and breaking all what has been tightly built by the leaders. But if we take a closer look at it, coming up with a result to face these eventualities is what makes one individual a reliable leader, and not just one person who is endowed with qualities, but doesn’t know how to deploy his or her influence or even use the assets he or she has got in a way that will benefit the whole society in which they live in or even work in. And those are the criteria to distinguish a leader from followers, or even people who expect to be lead, knowing that it is all tightly linked to Emotional Intelligence.

It is quite fascinating to see how does a human brain contribute in the making of an individual with all of these required complimenting qualities. Making them an eminent asset providing what is believed to be a “positive energy”. Whereas this energy is a concocted part from the loads of things that are done, which obviously proves how complex is the human brain, as it should be well kept and used in a processed healthy way.

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