Mental Health in a Nutshell

Updated: Jun 21, 2020

For this week that nearly marks the end of a month that hosts the campaign of the World Mental Health Awareness Week, it is better to explore the connotations that create a multitude of interpretations to term of the event of the moment. In point of fact, the fundamentals of the term of Mental Health are simply surrounded by awareness and actions leading to good deeds not only in the behavior shown to the outside world, but also in the manner of conducting oneself. In other words, the realness of mental health dwells around many factors that eventually make the completion that a person; aiming to be the leader of himself and others; wants.

Therefore, the purpose of mental health consists of things that could basically make one’s life and perspectives of life much better. It is often said, as it has been proven that in order to be in a good mental health, you need to be convinced that you feel like you are enough for yourself, but there could be room for better. These broad terms mainly shed the light on how tight the relation between a person and their mind should be. Knowing that when strengthening the bonds of the complexity of the human brain to the changing conformity of the human body, a person can effectively be healthy, and especially when it comes to positivity, self-confidence, self-acceptance, and surely self-awareness, among numerous other qualities that make the convolutedness of our lives, but it still humbles it to its core. A leader therefore, has the same well-being of their psychological control, as to how a person might encounter things and still manage to maintain a purpose for life, and a driving desire to inspire people, stand before them and help them as well with things that that leader is capable of. The human brain is endowed with such complexties which make it a wonderful gem that people should care for, carry out, and use carefully in order not to overload it with critical thoughts that only brings it down.

Mental health’s characterizations are often seen as a sign of weakness, shamefulness, being devoured by our mind, and many other symptoms that relate to mental illness in the most meticulous way. The interchangeable term tends to throw people off by the way it has been portrayed for centuries. But what it really stands for is far more defined in how one tackles life and keeps a steady balance with everything, with the help of the closest people to our hearts, the emotional support, and their contribution in whatever seems to be a sign of weakness to some, but to leaders it is exponentially overviewed as the end result of one’s completion with him or herself. All of that means that the production of the mind starts right after getting those so-called “positive vibes” which are a quite required component in our daily lives.

This campaign has been brought up in order to highlight the impact this movement has on people, and how does it concoct a leader out of each and every one of us. Only a person with enough self-awareness could easily distinguish the level of stress handling, conspicuousness in decision making, and so on and so forth. The last mentioned points portray how exactly does mental health affect the way people think, feel, act and cope with things coming up in their lives with a certain degree of fruitfulness and important potential in doing good and making a change in life.

Finally, there is a critical role that leaders play in their organisations, with their teams. Meaning that there is a special task that those leaders do in order to maintain a better performance of his or her team. As they are the ones to know how to effectively protect their team from any given casualties within the workers' lives and health. In other words, leaders have to be careful about their own health, and their team's mental and physical health as they are both interlinked. Knowing that their critical thinking and problem solving skills would help them make far better decisions in how they would lead their team, and what are the things that they will manage to complete for a better performance of the whole team as an entity; the leader included.

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