Podcast Is the New Holy Grail of Social Media, Here’s Why!

Updated: Nov 20, 2020

“People are really listening and want to consume all of the content that is there and available. There’s a level of dedication that comes from podcast listeners that you don’t otherwise find. And now the numbers prove it. Podcasts aren’t a bubble, they’re a boom—and that boom is only getting louder.” - Miranda Katz

A podcast is simply a recorded audio file (not a song) where a person delivers a specific message or at least two people debate/discuss a topic. It is available on the internet, EVERYWHERE! You can find it on browsing engines which will suggest a tremendous amount of websites. Also, there are Platforms like YouTube, Spotify which air podcasts. If you are an Android person, there are dozens of podcast apps on Play Store, the most famous one is Google Podcasts app, and if you are an iPhone/IPad user, you can find podcasts on Apple Podcasts app.

You may think that podcast is a new thing, but the truth is NO. it is true that it spread world widely on 2017, but the idea has always been out there since 2004 when Ben Hammersley invented the word "Podcast". Basically, he took Pod from IPod and cast from broadcast = Podcast TADAAA! Yet, the real action is dated back to the 1980s which was known under the name “audioblogging”.

Nowadays, this new medium has been a significant dazzle on the net. However, many people are not aware of it and still, a massive number of net surfers do not know what podcast is. In a matter of fact, they are in need of this discovery in their daily life yet they don’t realize it yet as it will facilitate many sides of their lives, from learning to working, to entertaining and amusing.

In the following parts, we will show you the importance of listening to podcasts, also the benefit of creating them.

The importance of creating a podcast:

If you are a well-business owner or a fresh small-solopreneur and you want to broaden your firm, the time has come for you to indulge in the podcasting world. It will allow you to build a strong bond with your targeted audience, and if you do it right it won’t help but attract more and more listeners. Podcast is a great platform to connect and communicate with your audience whether you are advertising a product or a service, discussing a certain topic; it grants you the trust of your audience which in this case are considered consumers. All you need to start with is to ask questions like, who is my audience? What are they willing to buy/consume? what are they interested in? but mainly, what can I afford and share on this platform? Remember that the great content is your way to money and not the other way; do not make it all about your own interest, trying to take into consideration your listeners’ interests is a genius idea to prove yourself and mark your way as a podcaster who cares about his audience, and that’s what people look for. Another tip that would make a considerable difference in podcasting is to invite guests who are A THING; it adds a great value to your show and brings you more loyal listeners.

The fact that IT IS EFFORTLESS, makes it very important for you to start podcasting because it cost you almost nothing, you can start with a decent mic, headphones, and an editing tool like phone, laptop or a tablet. What is more interesting is that you will make money from your show; isn’t it a mind-blowing thing?

As a content creator, one thing you may be doing is writing blogs which are basically scripts and you may also be turning them into videos and posting them on social media; but one easy effortless step you can do to upgrade your business is to just extract the audio from that video or record your voice reading that script and BOOM; now you have a new product named podcast which is ready to upload and share. unlike blogging, the podcast doesn't require perfect writing skills; you only have to think about a good idea for your content and then start podcasting ( as long as you know what you are talking about)

  • a tip: be outstanding and do not plagiarize

Having a product/ service and promoting it in your audio show is far more convincing to consumers; as it builds a tangible connection between the seller/entrepreneur and the buyer/consumer.

Let’s not forget to mention that it is always easy to consume it due to the fact that you don’t have to sit and watch or read which will distract you from doing other things, and since everybody seems busy in 21C, a lot of people can’t commit to watching video or reading posts and blogs BUT, listening to podcast is the smartest thing, you can drive and listen, cook/clean and listen, workout and listen, or even lay in bed and listen; see? isn’t it a smart innovation! One fact that every podcaster and listener agrees on is that podcast listeners are very loyal to the show; they always find their way back to it no matter what.

Furthermore, it is not exclusive only for business owners. If you are a teacher or a professor you can easily wallow in podcasting with your targeted audience which is your students; it permits you to communicate with them easily and getting to know them in a way that school does not create the potential to do that, such as skills an and talents, or things they want to talk about but can’t do that in the classroom due to several reasons like being shy or introvert or being afraid of being bullied; and trust me your dedicated listeners are your top students in the classroom.

Surprisingly, doctors and healthcare providers can also jump in podcasting and create a health show where they can interact with citizens and provide them with information, and make the medical field clear for people and opening their minds on health issues or facts that they do not know. Doctors can also invite other doctors, med students, or even normal people to share an experience or to enlighten each other; that’s really a great platform to bring doctors closer to patients or people who are interested in the medical world.

Music, movie, fashion and sports industry, or any other entertainment field are also welcomed here. Whether they talk about stories behind their masterpiece or share experiences or point to certain taboo topics; basically anything that can be beneficial to the listener and also to the podcaster.

You are none of the above and still want to create a podcast? Of course, you can! some people do not have a specific product or service to advertise or share; they just want to build a show and create a community for themselves where they can communicate and interact and simply make money out of it (sometimes money is not even a motive).

Podcasting has a great potential to put you in a high position of whether in your main business or in the industry of podcast; just do it right and watch yourself become one of the well-known personalities on the net. Listeners will take advice from you, they value you, always put your point of view into consideration, that’s what is going to shape you into a LEADER.


Importance of listening to podcasts:

Podcasts are predominantly FREE! You don’t have to pay a cent to listen to them, all you have to do is to download your favorites and click the play button. Sometimes you can find an option of funding or donation, you may consider helping your favorite podcaster a bit or help the foundation he is supporting.

In my opinion, the most convenient benefit of listening to podcasts is you can listen to them ANYTIME ANYWHERE, effortlessly, you decide what to listen to, where and when; unlike radio or blogs where you are forced to stick to radio’s program timing and you have to pause everything to read that post or watch that video; that’s not very productive; right? That’s why podcasts exist, for MULTI-TASKING so you can make the most out of time.

You can listen to your favorite show while doing mindless chores like cooking, cleaning driving to work, or getting ready in the morning and working out like I personally do.

Now that you know the price, time, and place, it’s time for you to know that podcasts cover all topics and fields, literally anything debatable or able to be story-told. it enables you to get educated in your main area of studies or work and expand your knowledge. it shows you new insights that the curriculum did not cover, and experiences and perspectives that your boss did not share them with you or he may not even know about. At least one podcast teaches you at least one thing, actually, podcasts are very informative and up to date so you would never regret it.

If you are a student, adding podcasts to your daily to-do-list would be very beneficial to you. Whether you are a college student or middle school student, you’d definitely find a show convenient for you where they will teach you new lessons and creating a space for you to share your thoughts that you couldn’t say to your professor's face to face.

For non-native speakers, podcasts will help you improve your 4 learning skills: listening, reading as a lot of shows share both a written and audio blog so you can listen and follow him on the written post; also speaking and writing which will be improved thanks to learning new terms and expressions. It is also beneficial to younger native speakers by boosting their lexical skills, thus improving their language use.

The podcast does not only teach you about main-focused topics, but it extends your horizons by discovering new interesting fields where you can get inspired by (a confession: I’ve wallowed in yoga world thanks to podcasts which convinced me that it’s worth the try and I advise you to do the same ).

By listening to that audio, you find your mind starts creating scenes without seeing any actual visual content; correlating audios with imagined visuals, your imagination will work like a charm; thus, it strengthens your memory and it is told it makes you smarter.

It is a good replacement for music; as it also entertains you but also teaches you at the same time. It also suits the mood you are in.

It also does help you with self-improvement and personal development. Some shows are there to support you to get through the day; motivate you to keep your head held high, or even build your confidence.

To sum up, there are many advantages of both creating and listening to podcasts. You will definitely learn something from it whether you are the host or the listener; it’s a win-win situation. It’s a great platform due to the massive variety of covered domains from education to health to entertainment; also it is a good place to share experiences and thoughts out of the box to the world and surely there will be ears ready to listen; at the same time, you can receive lots of knowledge. It is a perfect informative medium. All you have to find your happy place in this new world and escape to it.

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